We are Tennessee!

Tennessee Voter Connection (TVC) is an initiative introduced by Rep. Barbara Ward Cooper to offer voter education, voter registration and voter protection.   It uses a technological design to create a systemic approach to connect citizens with information designed to increase their understanding of the political process and why their vote matters. TVC provides information and assistance for voter registration and helps voters understand their voting rights.  It's frontline includes community leaders who represent the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee: West, Middle and East. TVC supports county chairs and volunteers as they inform the citizenry to take action through voting and advocating for civil rights.
TVC is designed to highlight the importance of voting towards registering new voters, increasing participation and eliminating inaction.  TVC empowers county chairs and volunteers to inform the citizenry to take action through voting, advocating for “civil rights” towards closing the race and age gaps.

TVC Executive Board:
Dr. Freda Garner Williams - President
Rev. Ann J. Pierre - Treasurer

TVC has representation from the three Grand Divisions:
Representatives from West: HenriEtta Brooks, Rhonnie Brewer, Fannie Garner, Linda Harris, Gail Tyree, Dr. Freda Williams
Representatives from Middle: Jimmy Garland, Beulah Oldham, Simone Travis
Representatives from East: Cynthia Finch, Rev. Ann J. Pierre

The Official Launch of TVC was August 28, 2021 in recognition of the “I Have a Dream Speech” by Dr. Martin Luther King, August 28,1963, 
The Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Voters Rights Act of 1965.  Special thanks to our guest speaker, Honorable Cedric Richmond, who is the Senior Advisor to President Joe Biden and Director of White House Office of Civic Engagement.