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Educator for 25+ yrs, Westwood Neighborhood Association (President), Community Activist, and Personally Trained by Rep. Barbara Cooper.
Graduate of Westwood High School (1983) and the University of Tennessee at Knoxville (1990). I taught elementary, middle, and high school for over 25 years. My sons attended Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools and both graduated.


The answer is simple. We need someone with the determination to stand out in the crowd when it comes to taking care of the needs of the constituents of District 86.

In 2020, I accompanied State Representative Barbara Cooper to Nashville, TN. While sitting in her office, I witnessed Rep. Cooper answer calls from constituents about issues with several state agencies. She treated everyone with respect no matter how small their complaint was. When she called the state agency, she treated them the same, but insisted on results according to their policies and procedures. Her positive relationship with all legislators provided approval of new legislation. She shared a lesson she had with the late State Rep. Lois DeBerry about having character and obedience while serving in the State Legislature. The friendship resulted in the most valuable lessons on, “How To Become A Productive State Representative.” After several years of riding with her to and from Nashville, TN, in and out of the state house, taking notes, and running errands, she asked me to consider a run for her seat. I expressed my concerns of not being a good fit, but she replied with a statement I will never forget…“You care about people and that is the most important quality!”

If elected, I will establish a welcoming atmosphere in my office where District 86 constituents can call and get the needed help with all state agencies. I will hold in-person and online Townhall Meetings for input on reducing crime in our community. I will attend events throughout District 86 and be a positive role model as instructed and trained by the late State Representative Barbara Cooper.

Paid for by committee to elect David Page.
David Page, Treasurer.

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